National Convention on Medicine & Law (NCML)

is an endeavor to identify the legal issues relating to medicine, discuss them threadbare, and suggest remedial measures. Important doctors, medical associations, hospitals, lawyers, judges, editors, academicians, and policy makers will be a part of this National Convention.

This is the first ever congregation on the subject in India and comprises of a full day event in Mumbai divided into multiple sessions. Apart from the main event, NCML would also include break-away sessions for high-risk specialties and hospitals focusing on specific issues pertaining to them. A follow-up event in Delhi with key government bodies and dignitaries will ensure that the suggestions and actions recommended by the Convention are conveyed to the policy makers. The presence of national media will help in disseminating the requisite information to all concerned effectively.

The science of medicine as well as law are dynamic in nature, these will keep bringing in newer challenges in newer areas. This annual event will address these developments and raise, discuss, and deliberate these issues, and suggest practical solutions to doctors and hospitals. It will also update the policy makers with the lacunae in the legal and regulatory framework on an ongoing basis and ensure that the outcome of this exercise is taken to its logical conclusion.

The 'NEED'

India is witnessing a sharp rise in cases of medical negligence in courts along with cases of violence against doctors and hospitals. These indicate a systemic failure and breakdown of trust between doctors and patients. A soft regulatory framework, unrealistically high expectations of patients, and the peculiar socio-economic character of the nation further compound the issue. And this does not augur well for a developing country like India.

Some of the key causes include lack of dialogue between the doctor community, hospitals, legal professionals, and policy makers. It is also inappropriate that courts are forced to find solutions to issues that should have been provided either by the policy makers or the medical fraternity.

This makes it imperative for doctors, medical associations, and hospitals to come together to identify and discuss the legal issues relating to medicine and to find practical and legally appropriate solutions. Policy makers need to be updated about these contentious issues and the changes required in the legal and regulatory framework.

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Institute of Medicine & Law

Institute of Medicine & Law (IML) provides education, information, and services related to medical laws. IML’s actionable content and analyses are delivered to doctors, hospitals, and lawyers on multiple platforms in real time.

IML is India’s foremost authority on medical laws possessing the best resources in terms of legal professionals and experts. Its detailed knowledge bank is continuously updated with the latest developments and is optimally utilized to provide medico legal solutions to the benefit of healthcare providers.

IML has been conducting an annual exercise of drafting and adopting a ‘SOP on Patients Consent’ ( together with major national medical associations like IMA, ASI, FOGSI, API, IOA, IRIA, AIOS, ISA, ISCCM, and CSI among others. This SOP is today accepted as a standard, comprehensive, and legally compliant document on patients consent in India.